Thursday, May 22, 2014

So much more than a bracelet

I have this amazing friend. Her name is Shayli. I met about two years ago. Not long after becoming friends, I learned that she had an older sister named Chelsi (about 3 years older than us). You could tell by that way Shayli spoke of her that she truly looked up to her sister. Although I had never met Chelsi before, I was already sure of a few things. CHELSI WAS DETERMINED. If she wanted to accomplish something, she accomplished it. An example that came to mind is her determination as a track and field athlete. In high school she was determined to be the best. That hard work is shown through the many high school track records she set and finally by her making the BYU track team. CHELSI WAS A MOTIVATOR. She is one of those people that you meet, and from then on you are instantly motivated to become a better person. Not only does she care about her own goals and success, but she also cares deeply about the success of the people around her. One specific phrase that Shayli associates with her sister is "NEVER GIVE UP". She told me that's always Chelsi's advice to anyone. Something else I was able to understand about Chelsi through the words of Shayli is that CHELSI WAS SOMEONE YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE. You meet her, and from then on you gotta have her around. Just from hearing Shayli talk about her sister, I knew how amazing she was, and I hadn't even met her yet.

Unfortunately, my chance to meet her is never going to come.
(at least not on Earth)
Chelsi had just finished up her first season on the BYU track and field team (not to mention a successful season for her). Instead of going back to her St. George home, she was staying in Provo for the summer to continue training to become even stronger and faster than she already was. However, that ambition was cut short. On Friday, June 6, 2008, Chelsi was killed in a car accident that would forever change the lives of anyone who was lucky enough to come in contact with her.  (a link to the news report is at the bottom of this post)

Although I never got the chance to meet Chelsi, I consider myself so lucky to have her sister and whole family in my life. They exemplify everything that Chelsi was. They are one of the strongest families I know. Being surrounded by their families strength has been such a blessing in my life. If you meet them, you would never guess that they have been through the loss of a daughter/sister. I know one thing that keeps them going is the fact that they have the gospel in their lives.

They know that if they live righteously, they will be with her in heaven again as a whole family.

In honor of Chelsi, we wear these bracelets on our wrist. On the bracelet is her favorite advice to anyone, "NEVER GIVE UP"

I have had this band for about 2 years now, and it wasn't until a few days ago that I found more meaning for it. I was sitting at work, and I happen to glance down at my wrist and saw the bracelet. Then it really hit me that tomorrow is never promised to us. I have heard people say that before, but it never really crossed my mind that today could be my last day. Chelsi had no clue that the night she got in that car would be her last night here on earth with her family and friends. 

So I encourage you all (myself included) to try and remember the people who lose their lives everyday and what they wish they might have done or said before they died. I would never want to leave anyone hurt, so I'm working on focusing the way I treat and talk to people. Sometimes I might say something rude or upset someone I care about, but I just tell myself "I'll make it right..later" what happens when later never comes?? and that's my point.

live in such a way that will be satisfying when no more days lay ahead of you. 



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